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2nd Meeting of 2022/23

Second Meeting of 2022/23

Another productive meeting was held on Friday 11 November. All councilors were present and unsurprisingly, the biscuits had disappeared within the first few minutes!

On this occasion, councilors began by feeding back any points raised by their classmates. We then moved on to discuss how the school will raise money for its chosen charity.

The following points were raised by councilors on behalf of their classmates. All points will be taken to the headteacher to consider.

  • Can we have clock in the hall so children can manage their time during lunchtime?
  • Can we start a bird watching club?
  • What progress has been made with ‘Cheerleading Club’?
  • Can we have burgers for Friday lunches (with toppings)?
  • Can we equip some children with litter pickers to keep the school tidy?
  • Are children allowed to have bigger scissors in class?

Possible Fundraising Ideas

  • Cinema night for both key stages
  • Bring & Buy sale
  • Cake sale
  • Bracelet sale (made by the children)
  • School tea towel
  • Rainbow day or pajama day

We need your recycling!!!

Calling all Year 1 Parents/Carers,

On Tuesday 29th November we are going to be designing and making sleighs for Santa! In order to do this, we need some materials for the children to make their sleighs. The Year 1 team would really appreciate it if you could start collecting materials at home such as boxes, milk cartons, egg cartons, pringle tubes, bottles etc to bring into school for the children to build their inventions. We would like the materials to be brought in on Monday 28th November. Thank you and happy collecting.


Photographs on Friday 11th November

As the individual photos are being taken on Friday please don’t wear PE kit because school uniform will look much smarter.

‘Out of this World’ Projects!

The Year 5 team just wanted to say a huge thank you to the parents and carers for supporting your children in creating such fantastic, ‘out of this world’ projects! We appreciate the time and effort you must have gone through to support your children in creating such a variety of brilliant projects, and as you can see in the pictures, the outcome is excellent. We are so proud of our wonderful Year 5 classes.

Star words

Hello everybody,

We have had some parents ask why their child are not getting new star words. The star words should be read by sight. The words should not be sounded out as they are tricky words and tricky words cannot be sounded out, they just have to be learnt. If your child reads each word by sight without hesitation, then they will be given the next sheet.

Autumn 2 Spellings are uploaded…

Hi everyone,

The spellings for Autumn 2 Half-Term are now uploaded in the Homework and Spellings tab. It is just an overview sheet, providing you with the weekly spellings. If you require any extra sheets or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,
Year 5 Team

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