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Welcome to our Orchestra page!

Our wonderful school orchestra includes children who have instrumental lessons in school and also some who have private lessons.  In addition there are handbell, glockenspiel and percussion players as required.  Our program has been set back in recent years but we are currently rebuilding our capabilities with increased music lessons and will continue to go from strength to strength!

Our Spring Concert in March 2023 was a tremendous success and provided an evening filled with the highest-quality musical entertainment.  We were treated to ensemble pieces from our violins, guitars, recorders and glockenspiels, alongside some wonderful solo performances from pupils past and present.  All the video footage from the evening is in the resources folder below.

Our Summer Concert is Tuesday 4th July at 6pm in the school hall.  Further details to follow but save the date!

Please note, we don’t include all of our instrumental players for every concert.  This is for a numbers of reasons; we are limited by hall capacity and running time but also want to make sure children have had enough lessons and developed enough confidence to perform.  There’s nothing worse than putting a child in a concert situation before they’re ready – and this can be very damaging.  Rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities just around the corner!

Here are some past highlights:

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