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Welcome to our Choir page

The children were amazing at Young Voices and we had a number of the Resorts World staff say that we were the best behaved school there!  They were a real credit to you and to the school!  We all had a fantastic time!

See the video below!

We are still processing refunds for people who are unable to attend. 


WOW – you exceeded even my high expectations at the Palace Theatre!  What a way to launch our new choir!  Simply brilliant!  The video from the night is now below.  You can also see the whole set of photos taken on the night HERE.  You’ll may need password redd0622.  

Diary Dates:

  • to follow!

 Here are some past highlights:

Choir Documents

Joining Choir - Statement

Upon joining choir for the first time, we ask for a specific media consent.  We take online safety very seriously; no child will be named in our videos and links will be posted on the choir page.  As a school we can’t guarantee how this material will be used once it is in the public domain.  If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please do ask.

We intend to have lots of fun with choir but do regard it as a serious commitment so please do reinforce this with your children.  Our choir members are often seen performing in public places and are always excellent ambassadors for the school.  Remember, the first port of call for information is always the choir page on the school website.

From May 2022, when ticking the permission box on ParentPay, you are agreeing to the following statement: My child would like to join the school choir and I am happy for video footage and photographs to be taken at concerts and events.  I am also happy for photos and video featuring my child to appear online, such as on YouTube, and also in local newspapers.  I will inform school if this situation changes.

If your child wants to join choir, but you are unable to give this media consent for whatever reason, please do come and talk to me and we may be able to make a separate provision.

Mr George

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