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Welcome to our Choir page

We’ve got two splendid choirs up and running this year and we’re looking forward to some exciting concerts and events.  All documents and resources are available through the link below.  And don’t forget to check out our videos too.  Our media statement is right at the bottom.  Please check back regularly for updates.

Young Voices Choir - YEAR 3&4

We are performing at the Grandparents’ Tea Party on Thursday 23rd November, in the school hall, at 2pm. We’ll use this opportunity to test out two of our Young Voices songs – The Walking Medley and In the Mood.  Please make sure these are learned by heart!  Children should wear school uniform for the event – y3 won’t have PE that day anyway and y4 can WEAR their PE kit to school but BRING their uniform to change into so they look smart for the afternoon. 

Details of the Tea Party have been in school newsletters, but please note that the grandparents of both reception classes and the Young Voices choir are welcome to attend.  Sadly there isn’t space for any other audience on this occasion.

Young Voices is coming in January 2024!  There is a letter in the resources box above explaining how to join choir this term and another letter introducing Young Voices.  The uptake has been amazing, and we now have 56 children in our choir. 

  • The audience tickets have been ordered and will arrive closer to the event.  Details of how to collect these will follow after Christmas.
  • Some people are already looking ahead and thinking about booking parking at the venue.  As this is not cheap, it might be that you want to carshare as much as possible.  There is a post on the PTA Facebook page where people can offer and coordinate lifts.
  • T-shirts have been ordered and these will be given out closer to the day.
  • Children need to be on the YV Music Room as often as possible to practise the songs and dance routines.  Double click the videos to go full screen as the actual full-screen button is covered. Details are in the letter.

Upper School Choir - YEAR 5&6

The children were utterly amazing at the ‘Gotta Sing’ concert at the Palace Theatre.  I’m sure you will have been extremely proud of them.  What a passionate, powerful and accomplished performance!  The video is linked below and there are some photos in the resources folder.  We hope to attend again in summer 2024.

Joining Choir - Statement

Upon joining choir for the first time, we ask for a specific media consent.  We take online safety very seriously; no child will be named in our videos and links will be posted on the choir page.  As a school we can’t guarantee how this material will be used once it is in the public domain.  If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please do ask.

We intend to have lots of fun with choir but do regard it as a serious commitment so please do reinforce this with your children.  Our choir members are often seen performing in public places and are always excellent ambassadors for the school.  Remember, the first port of call for information is always the choir page on the school website.

From May 2022, when ticking the permission box on ParentPay or authorising ‘external video’ in the Scholarpack permissions, you are agreeing to the following statement: My child would like to join the school choir and I am happy for video footage and photographs to be taken at concerts and events.  I am also happy for photos and video featuring my child to appear online, such as on YouTube, and also in local newspapers.  I will inform school if this situation changes.

If your child wants to join choir, but you are unable to give this media consent for whatever reason, please do come and talk to me and we may be able to make a separate provision.

Mr George

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