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Welcome to our Choir page

We’ve got two splendid choirs up and running this year and we’re looking forward to some exciting concerts and events.  All documents and resources are available through the link below.  And don’t forget to check out our videos too.  Our media statement is right at the bottom.  Please check back regularly for updates.


The children were magnificent at the recent Spring Concert and gave an absolutely thrilling performance, full of energy and charisma!  The video is below – Well done!  The next event for our 3&4s will be the Grandparents Tea Party in November, followed in January 2024 by Young Voices.


After our success at St John’s we’re now looking forward to performing three songs alongside other Redditch schools at ‘Gotta Sing’ at the Palace Theatre on Wednesday 14th June.  The cost is £1.80 per child – see ParentPay.  We’re including our y4 children as they’ll be joining the older choir soon anyway.  See the folder above for rehearsal materials and please get these learned by heart! 

Audience tickets for parents and families are now available HERE.  Make sure you book for the Wednesday and not the Tuesday!  The children performing in the choir will obviously not need a ticket. The audience tickets do not allow for babes-in-arms so please make other arrangements for infants.  We’ll need a couple of parent helpers to accompany us so please let me know if you’re DBS and available.  Helpers will see the show but not need a ticket.

  • Bring the children to the stage door of the Palace Theatre at 5:30 for our rehearsal at 5:45.  We’ll then keep the children until the concert.  The stage door is round the side, to the left side of the building, up the pedestrian area, towards the town centre.
  • Dress code is dark skirt/trousers/leggings and a PLAIN, SINGLE-COLOUR top, long or short-sleeved with no patterns or logos.  See photos below.  Remember coats if it is looking like it might be cold at the end.  
  • We may have a little time to fill before the concert, so please send something small to occupy the children – a book, cards or a comic etc.  Please also remember a water bottle.
  • Because we’re not going to and from school, we’re NOT taking any of the medical items we hold on siteThis includes inhalers and epipens etc.  If your child is likely to need any medical item please bring it on the night and let me know beforehand via email what this isThey’ve also asked if we can provide some medical information for their paperworkThis includes any serious operations or accidents, illnesses in the past 12 months, allergies, difficulties with hearing or eyesight, tendencies to fits or fainting, and dietary informationSome of this we’ll take from our records but if there is anything you think they might need to know, please email this in to me!  
  • Doors open at 6:30 for audience for a 7pm start.
  • There is a very strict NO photography rule on the evening. Please do not break this.  All professional video and photography taken on the night will be shared with us after the event, so just sit back and enjoy!
  • The concert will end sometime around 9:20pm and we will take the children outside for you to collect.  We won’t know until the night exactly where we’ll be waiting, but look out for our ‘flashing light stick!’  we may be near Hughes.  Please make sure children are registered out safely with us before you take them.
  • Further details to follow…

Diary Dates:

  • Wednesday 14th June 2023, Gotta Sing, Palace Theatre for upper school choir
  • Grandparents Tea Party – November 2023 tbc
  • Christmas Event – external venue – tbc
  • Young Voices – January 2024 tbc
  • More to follow…

Here are some past highlights:

Joining Choir - Statement

Upon joining choir for the first time, we ask for a specific media consent.  We take online safety very seriously; no child will be named in our videos and links will be posted on the choir page.  As a school we can’t guarantee how this material will be used once it is in the public domain.  If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please do ask.

We intend to have lots of fun with choir but do regard it as a serious commitment so please do reinforce this with your children.  Our choir members are often seen performing in public places and are always excellent ambassadors for the school.  Remember, the first port of call for information is always the choir page on the school website.

From May 2022, when ticking the permission box on ParentPay or authorising ‘external video’ in the Scholarpack permissions, you are agreeing to the following statement: My child would like to join the school choir and I am happy for video footage and photographs to be taken at concerts and events.  I am also happy for photos and video featuring my child to appear online, such as on YouTube, and also in local newspapers.  I will inform school if this situation changes.

If your child wants to join choir, but you are unable to give this media consent for whatever reason, please do come and talk to me and we may be able to make a separate provision.

Mr George

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