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Welcome to Year 5

Wild Water!  

With only a short half-term ahead, it’s going to be a ‘wild’ one, with Year 5 moving onto our ‘Wild Water’ topic. We’ll be swimming through crucial parts of the children’s learning by focusing on rivers, floods, and sustainability. This meanders along nicely with our topic book – Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick – which deals with many current issues such as flooding, climate change and the impact of global warming on our planet. With that comes plentiful opportunity for debate and discussion, allowing the children to form their own opinions, and help mould them into the eco-friendly warriors our planet needs. For Art, we will look back on the beautiful work of Monet’s famous water paintings and then take inspiration from a modern watercolourist: Pakistani-born Sara Khan, whose work is known for her vibrant, playful, and dreamlike themes. We can’t wait to see the ripple effect this learning has on the children’s work.


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