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‘Save the Planet’ Poster Competition

Over February half-term, we would like the children create a ‘Save the Planet’ poster. This will be a whole school competition, and the Year 5 team have decided to give the children half-term to do this. The more creative, colourful, and informative it is, the better! This will be due in on Tuesday 28th February. We look forward to seeing their posters! Maths homework (pages 2 & 3) has also been set to be in for 28.2.23.

On return from half-term (week beginning 27.2.23), it will be Science Week: the theme is We Are the Future, and most of our lessons will be based around this. If you manage to do anything Science-based over half-term, then please let us know (pictures, notes etc). This will also tie in with World Book Day that week on Thursday 2nd March.

We hope everyone has a lovely, restful half-term 😊

An Extraordinary Egyptian week…

Year 5 have had an amazing week: creating clay canopic jars, presenting their outstanding projects and having a visit from a real-life Egyptologist for the day! We have well and truly got stuck into our Ancient Egyptian topic, and the children have enjoyed every minute. The costumes were phenomenal!
Though it’s sad for the topic to be coming to a close, the children really have got stuck into the world of Ancient Egypt, and they have hopefully gained some memorable experiences to stick with them for life.

Please do have a peek at our next ‘Spielberg in the making’, and visit his YouTube channel to see his amazing video project:

Astwood News Anubis with Sam Baxter – YouTube

Rocket launch… BLAST OFF!

After a failed attempt on Wednesday, we managed to launch our vinegar & bicarbonate soda rockets today. It was fab to see them shoot off into the sky…

A fab trip to the National Space Centre!

Year 5 have had the best day at the Space Centre! We were lucky enough to drive round a Mars Rover, watch an amazing planetarium show, and even see a real-life rocket (plus much, much more)! It was great for us to see their enthusiasm and engagement, and we’re proud of how well they conducted themselves out of school. We hope they come home telling you all about what they’ve seen, and we really hope they enjoyed themselves. What a great way to round off our fantastic two topics!

‘Out of this World’ Projects!

The Year 5 team just wanted to say a huge thank you to the parents and carers for supporting your children in creating such fantastic, ‘out of this world’ projects! We appreciate the time and effort you must have gone through to support your children in creating such a variety of brilliant projects, and as you can see in the pictures, the outcome is excellent. We are so proud of our wonderful Year 5 classes.

Autumn 2 Spellings are uploaded…

Hi everyone,

The spellings for Autumn 2 Half-Term are now uploaded in the Homework and Spellings tab. It is just an overview sheet, providing you with the weekly spellings. If you require any extra sheets or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks,
Year 5 Team

Half Term Information

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, Mrs Roberts and I would like to say what a fantastic first half-term it’s been for Year 5. The children have put a phenomenal amount of effort into their classwork and homework, and their attitude to learning has been brilliant. The enthusiasm, the imagination and the creativity has truly been ‘Out of this World’, and as a result, they have produced some great work to a high standard.

Over the half-term, we are only setting the project work – Phases of the Moon. As discussed in class, this is the first piece of project homework for this year, and the aim of it is to explain the phases of the moon. The homework can be presented in any way you wish: a poster, a labelled diagram, artwork, a model or a PowerPoint. This is due in 1.11.22 (the Tuesday on the first week back). We can’t wait to see what they produce! There will be no homework set in the CPG books, however there will still be spellings to revise, and we encourage the use of Times Table Rockstars, as well as reading as much as they can. We will be asking what books they have enjoyed over the half-term.

Finally, just a huge thank you from me personally for all making me feel so welcome this half-term – I’m already loving it at Astwood Bank Primary, and it is because of your wonderful children bringing smiles to my face every day!

Hopefully your child will have received their letter regarding the exciting trip to the Space Centre on Thursday 1st December 2022. The deadline for payments will be 16.11.22.

We will reveal more about our next topic soon, but for now, we hope you have a lovely half-term, and we look forward to hearing all the stories upon the children’s return.

Warm regards,
Miss Middleton and Mrs Roberts

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