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First Meeting of 2023/24

What a start!

The school council have kicked off the year with a bang. So far they have met of two occasions. The first meeting was an opportunity to discuss ongoing fundraising plans for our chosen charity, Acorns Children’s Hospice. They also drew up a charter for the council so they can lead by example.

The second meeting involved giving a school tour to our new neighbourhood police officer. The children were a credit to the school; they showed excellent manners and a spoke positively about our school.


Come and join us at 9am on Tuesday 21st November 2023 for a tour of our school. Register your interest by clicking on the link below or scanning the QR code.


4th Meeting of 2022/23

A visit from Acorns Children’s Hospice

In the fourth meeting of the year, our councillors welcomed two visitors from Acorns Children’s Hospice. The purpose of the meeting was twofold: to learn about the important work that goes on at Acorns to support children in need, and to consider how our school might support the charity in the future.

Our ABPS councillors listened particularly well to the representatives from Acorns, and soon they were talking about ways in which our school might raise money for the charity. It was agreed that our school will support the work of Acorns, and councillors will now gather the thoughts of their classmates about possible sponsorship activities.

Actions for the next meeting

Members of the council were asked to capture the views of their peers about raising money for Acorns Children’s Hospice. In particular, we would like children to think of sponsored activities that might be carried out by individual year groups – supporting creativity within the older and younger children.

3rd Meeting of 2022/23

Post Christmas Meeting

This time round, our council were keen to feedback the views of their classmates, following a quick discussion prior to the meeting. Matters discussed included:

  • tidiness of the school grounds
  • the desire to have new outdoor play equipment
  • reports of children disrespecting school facilities (toilets)

The children were listened to, and as a result we now have pupil volunteers carrying out a litter pick each week. We have bought two new table tennis tables for the playground, which will be shared by all children. Finally, a clock has been installed in the hall at the children’s request and we have spoken to all children about the appropriate use of school toilets.

Actions for the next meeting

Members of the council were asked to capture the views of their peers about Red Nose Day. In particular, we would like children to think of a sponsored activity that some of the teachers can do to raise money!

2nd Meeting of 2022/23

Second Meeting of 2022/23

Another productive meeting was held on Friday 11 November. All councilors were present and unsurprisingly, the biscuits had disappeared within the first few minutes!

On this occasion, councilors began by feeding back any points raised by their classmates. We then moved on to discuss how the school will raise money for its chosen charity.

The following points were raised by councilors on behalf of their classmates. All points will be taken to the headteacher to consider.

  • Can we have clock in the hall so children can manage their time during lunchtime?
  • Can we start a bird watching club?
  • What progress has been made with ‘Cheerleading Club’?
  • Can we have burgers for Friday lunches (with toppings)?
  • Can we equip some children with litter pickers to keep the school tidy?
  • Are children allowed to have bigger scissors in class?

Possible Fundraising Ideas

  • Cinema night for both key stages
  • Bring & Buy sale
  • Cake sale
  • Bracelet sale (made by the children)
  • School tea towel
  • Rainbow day or pajama day

1st Meeting of the Year

Meeting Number 1

On Friday 7 October, the school councilors met with Mr Mellows for the first time this year. It was very productive and the following points were raised:

  1. Children have expressed an interest in having a cheerleading club at lunchtime or after school
  2. It was decided that our school will support a charity who works with those who have experienced loss
  3. Many children have asked about having sauces with their meals at lunchtimes
  4. There was some concerns about children being on the trim-trail before and after school
  5. It was proposed that we look into having a lunchtime or after school cricket club, given our local connections

As always, the points raised at the meeting have been presented to the senior leadership team, who will provide a response in time for the children’s next meeting.

Half Term Information

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, Mrs Roberts and I would like to say what a fantastic first half-term it’s been for Year 5. The children have put a phenomenal amount of effort into their classwork and homework, and their attitude to learning has been brilliant. The enthusiasm, the imagination and the creativity has truly been ‘Out of this World’, and as a result, they have produced some great work to a high standard.

Over the half-term, we are only setting the project work – Phases of the Moon. As discussed in class, this is the first piece of project homework for this year, and the aim of it is to explain the phases of the moon. The homework can be presented in any way you wish: a poster, a labelled diagram, artwork, a model or a PowerPoint. This is due in 1.11.22 (the Tuesday on the first week back). We can’t wait to see what they produce! There will be no homework set in the CPG books, however there will still be spellings to revise, and we encourage the use of Times Table Rockstars, as well as reading as much as they can. We will be asking what books they have enjoyed over the half-term.

Finally, just a huge thank you from me personally for all making me feel so welcome this half-term – I’m already loving it at Astwood Bank Primary, and it is because of your wonderful children bringing smiles to my face every day!

Hopefully your child will have received their letter regarding the exciting trip to the Space Centre on Thursday 1st December 2022. The deadline for payments will be 16.11.22.

We will reveal more about our next topic soon, but for now, we hope you have a lovely half-term, and we look forward to hearing all the stories upon the children’s return.

Warm regards,
Miss Middleton and Mrs Roberts

Harvest Festival 2022

Calling all Year 3 and Year 4 parents. You are invited to our Harvest Festival on Thursday 3 November at 1:45pm. You’re welcome to meet us at St Matthias & St George church and be part of the service.

Rhino Readers

This week’s Twinkl GO code for Rhino Readers is: ZF0769

Books! Books! Books!

What makes Astwood Bank Primary a school that loves to read? Well look at this! This week we delivered a huge box of wonderful books to every class in the school. Thanks to Mrs Smith for all of her hard work, launching the ABPS Book Challenge. What a great way to start the year! Let’s see who can read all of their year group’s books by the end of the year and receive a reward…

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