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Welcome to Year 4

This Half Term our topic is The Rainforest. This will be taught through English, Geography, topic and Science lessons. The children will learn about why rainforests are important to our ecosystem. They are incredibly diverse and complex, home to more than half of the world’s plants and animal species. Even though they only cover just 6% of the earth’s surface we will understand why we need to protect them. 

With a focus on the Amazon rainforest, the children will also learn about the 4 layers: emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. They will understand how each layer has unique characteristics based on different levels of sunlight, air circulation and water. We learn about animal specifications in Science, deforestation in Geography, write a newspaper report for an undiscovered animal in English and craft our own ants in Art. 

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Homework 29th Sept

We are so sorry, technology has failed us and we can’t get the documents to open. Here is the homework for this week and we

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Dear all, We have noticed that the majority of the children are not reading enough. Our homework policy is that your child is reading 10

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Meet the Teachers!

Please join us for our curriculum meetings. They’re a fantastic opportunity to meet your child’s new teaching team and to learn more about what’s in

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