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Our school residential trip is to JCA Condover Hall.  This is the information from 2022 and this page will be updated with information for 2023 in due course!  Click the image for the JCA website.

We leave at 1:15pm on Wednesday 27th April and return at 3:00pm on Friday 29th April 2022.

The initial deposits (£55) have been paid and any remaining deposits must be paid ASAP to secure your child’s place.  However, this is now not on ParentPay but can be paid in cash or by a cheque (payable to Astwood Bank Primary School).

The balance, a further £100, must be paid sometime before 30th June and can be paid in instalments on ParentPay if necessary.

Parental permission for this trip is managed through ParentPay so please make sure, especially if your child is pupil premium, that you’ve been on here and given permission.  A number of children have not yet done this so we’ll send home a paper copy.

The letter below contains a KIT LIST and also medical information under three headings:

  • How to make sure we have up-to-date medical information about your child via Scholarpack.  Year 6 may have done this by returning a paper form recently.
  • What to do if your child requires medication while they’re away – This can’t just be sent along with your child without our knowledge.  We need forms completed by 1st April.
  • How to give permission for us to administer Calpol should it become necessary.  If you have issues accessing the QR code here, please just email the office with your express consent.  Most people have yet to do this!

On the Wednesday, we leave school just after lunch.  We’ve had some “eventful” coach trips in the past and you may like to consider providing only a light packed lunch as this may be friendlier on their ‘travelling tummies!’  We will have a good hot meal in the evening.  Note, we don’t allow sweets to come out on the coach journey for similar reasons!

On the Wednesday please bring all bags, cases and kit to the hall at the start of school.  There will be an area marked for y5 and one for y6.  Any willing adult helpers would be welcome to help load bags and cases onto the buses at 12:45.  If you’re wanting to ‘wave off’ the coach, this will be at 1:15pm.  Obviously we’re not expecting anyone in uniform that day – come in JCA clothes.

We’ve had confirmation of our allocated activities now.  These include climbing, archery, sensory trail, initiative exercises, jacob’s ladder and abseiling, plus an evening campfire.  We also have an evening disco, so you may wish to pack something to change into!

The children have been told their dormitory rooms and activity groups.  These are never going to be completely ideal but we’ve done our best to balance everyone’s needs.

Please ask if there is anything that is unclear and we will endeavour to clarify.

Mr George – Trip Leader

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