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‘Save the Planet’ Poster Competition

Over February half-term, we would like the children create a ‘Save the Planet’ poster. This will be a whole school competition, and the Year 5 team have decided to give the children half-term to do this. The more creative, colourful, and informative it is, the better! This will be due in on Tuesday 28th February. We look forward to seeing their posters! Maths homework (pages 2 & 3) has also been set to be in for 28.2.23.

On return from half-term (week beginning 27.2.23), it will be Science Week: the theme is We Are the Future, and most of our lessons will be based around this. If you manage to do anything Science-based over half-term, then please let us know (pictures, notes etc). This will also tie in with World Book Day that week on Thursday 2nd March.

We hope everyone has a lovely, restful half-term 😊

Look at Our Amazing Impressionist Art Homework

An Extraordinary Egyptian week…

Year 5 have had an amazing week: creating clay canopic jars, presenting their outstanding projects and having a visit from a real-life Egyptologist for the day! We have well and truly got stuck into our Ancient Egyptian topic, and the children have enjoyed every minute. The costumes were phenomenal!
Though it’s sad for the topic to be coming to a close, the children really have got stuck into the world of Ancient Egypt, and they have hopefully gained some memorable experiences to stick with them for life.

Please do have a peek at our next ‘Spielberg in the making’, and visit his YouTube channel to see his amazing video project:

Astwood News Anubis with Sam Baxter – YouTube

3rd Meeting of 2022/23

Post Christmas Meeting

This time round, our council were keen to feedback the views of their classmates, following a quick discussion prior to the meeting. Matters discussed included:

  • tidiness of the school grounds
  • the desire to have new outdoor play equipment
  • reports of children disrespecting school facilities (toilets)

The children were listened to, and as a result we now have pupil volunteers carrying out a litter pick each week. We have bought two new table tennis tables for the playground, which will be shared by all children. Finally, a clock has been installed in the hall at the children’s request and we have spoken to all children about the appropriate use of school toilets.

Actions for the next meeting

Members of the council were asked to capture the views of their peers about Red Nose Day. In particular, we would like children to think of a sponsored activity that some of the teachers can do to raise money!

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