School Uniform encourages a sense of pride in children of this age group. It looks smart and gives a feeling of identity with the school. Our uniform is designed to be both serviceable and economical.

First impressions count, and we really want our school to stand out as having high standards. We also believe that uniform can create a shared identity and common sense of purpose. This begins with the children looking the part, so we want to uphold the highest of expectations for uniform. All staff are involved in promoting the correct uniform and all staff refer referring to an updated uniform policy for guidance in order to be consistent.

In the latest statutory guidance for schools, the Government states: ‘We strongly encourage schools to have a uniform as it can play a key role in, promoting the ethos of a school; providing a sense of belonging and identity, and setting an appropriate tone for education.’ Our leadership team are strictly guided by the ‘Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Act 2021’ and the ‘Equality Act 2010’ when setting policy.

The Government states: ‘Where a school’s uniform is too expensive it can place an unreasonable burden on families.’ In this light, we will continue to accept generic, non-branded items of clothing, including sportswear. All that we ask is that children keep to the school colours and that clothing does not include other visible brand names; is not excessively logoed and is not inappropriate for the school environment. We will also continue to promote three clothing providers, thus avoiding any single supplier contracts, and keeping prices competitive. Finally, we’ll ensure that arrangements are in place so that second-hand school uniforms are available for parents to acquire (for example through periodic second-hand uniform sales or swap shops).

We appreciate your help to make sure that children with long hair below the shoulders have their hair tied up with a small navy blue band. This is particularly important for PE lessons, but as a rule, we’d like to see hair tied up as standard. We ask that hair is not dyed or bleached, jewelry stays at home and any make-up or nail polish is removed before the school day.

Please ensure that all items of clothing and footwear are named – this helps us locate the owner if ever items are lost!