The school has high expectations for pupils’ behaviour. All pupils rise to these expectations and behave very well. They are proud to be part of the school. Pupils wear the school badge with pride. They know the importance of representing their school positively.

Ofsted 2023

Positive behaviour is one of our top priorities at Astwood Bank Primary. We have high expectations of children’s behaviour and a strong ethos of respect and kindness permeates the whole school. Our pupils are polite and articulate. Pupils behave exceptionally well at playtime and around school; our older pupils act as positive role models for younger pupils and they feel a deep sense of responsibility in showing younger pupils how to conduct themselves.

Relationships between staff and pupils across our school are caring and extremely respectful. Pupils who need additional support to manage their emotions and behaviour are well supported because we make sure they receive targeted and nurturing care. By doing so, this support helps these pupils to improve their behaviour and to understand their emotions better.

Approaches to behaviour

The aim of the Astwood Bank Primary School Behaviour Education Policy is to teach our pupils responsible and acceptable behaviour, which extends beyond the classroom and into the children’s online presence. We recognise that pupils need to be taught appropriate behaviour in a caring, firm, consistent manner. To be effective in our aim, we understand that as a school we need:
a) an agreed and consistently implemented school policy.
b) staff who are confident and skilled at teaching children appropriate behaviour.

All adults at Astwood Bank Primary are emotionally available, consistent and fair. Misbehaviour is dealt with in a fair and proportionate way. If behaviour falls below the standard expected of them, teachers will always follow school policy to make the right decisions about sanctioning poor behaviour. School leaders will always be there to support teachers to deliver the appropriate sanctions and they will remain consistent in their approach. Regardless of what sanction is given, teachers and leaders will invite children to a restorative discussion. Sanctions will always take into consideration the child’s circumstances, and whether SEND or mental health have affected their behaviour. Children will be supported to make the right choices.