• Everyone has the right to be treated with respect
  • All pupils deserve equal access to a broad, balanced curriculum and a wide range of opportunities
  • We value the need for a stimulating ‘learning’ environment that promotes active learning, lively enquiring minds and an ability to question rationally
  • We recognise that everyone has personal strengths and qualities that are developed through opportunities created to suit individual learning styles
  • Each person is of equal importance, and excellence is achieved through opportunity, encouragement and recognition
  • We value the partnership between parents and the community, teamwork and the importance of shared responsibility


  • To provide a happy secure environment and foster attitudes which will instil self confidence and create a sense of personal worth
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that stimulates and challenges pupils to enable them to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to life in the 21st Century
  • To provide a learning environment with a range of sensory opportunities in which pupils can access and organise resources/aspects of their work and become independent learners
  • To provide a curriculum that takes account of individual learning styles as well as promoting physical, social, emotional, creative and spiritual development
  • To promote an atmosphere that fosters a sense of caring, tolerance and support alongside an appreciation of different view points, which enables each individual to achieve their own potential
  • To communicate effectively with parents and the community and to develop shared goals and values that will support and challenge the pupils