The Great Worcester Waddle 2024

Our wonderful penguin project has reached its final stage. We welcomed back the mayor and our sponsors from Thorlux to school on Monday 29th April to unveil the finished sculpture who is now called Tiaki! This is a Māori word which represents a national culture of care for people and places. A perfect name for our penguin chick who has a coat decorated in Māori koru spirals, symbolising new life, strength and peace. His body carries a strong message about care for the ocean with one side showing the healthy ocean with happy and healthy creatures, and the other side polluted with plastic and chemicals. Powerful stuff indeed!

T-shirt tips: The fabric pens and inks dry after 24h without ironing and are fade resistant. T-shirts can be machine washed, ideally on a cold wash.

Our fundraising total for St. Richard’s Hospice will be posted shortly.

All that’s left to say is that you can go and find Tiaki and his amazing penguin pals, large and small, all around Worcester over the summer.  The trail runs from July 22nd to 15th September.  Don’t forget to wear your lovely t-shirts out and about and do send us your best selfies from the trail.  Details of the precise penguin locations can be found nearer the time at the The Great Waddle of Worcester 2024 | St Richard’s Hospice

Click the images to enjoy our videos:

Looking back on Worcester’s Big Parade 2021

We had ENORMOUS fun in 2021 with our ele-baby! She arrived in the spring and we launched straight into a design competition.  With so many wonderful ideas submitted, we created a composite design and then set out to have every person in the school take a turn at painting.  That’s nearly 450 people!  Once she was finished she was part of the summer trail around Worcester and it was great fun going to visit her and her friends!  The project came to a close when our lovely ‘Mem’ returned to make her forever home at school in October.  Such great memories!  The whole event eventually raised £370,000 for St Richard’s Hospice.  Click the images to see our videos!

Project Launch
Meet our ele-baby
Elephant bottle parade
Elephant painting

Selfie gallery 2021

Our final design is a globe, showing the whole world in unity, combined with memory bubbles of those things we should remember when life is challenging – family, friendship, love and fun etc. There are lots of rainbow colours and some Indian patterns. We’ve chosen to call her Memorella Indigo.

There will be lots of other schools involved in the trail and this will give ‘Mem’ lots of friends and siblings! We’re delighted to have had a sneak preview of INKY-B from Inkberrow school. Look out for this one on the trail!

Our t-shirt fundraiser raised over £530 for St Richard’s Hospice – many thanks for your generous support.

Remember to send in your photos of all those yummy cakes and foods and we’ll display them below.

Meet the design team below and see some of their entries that we combined to make our finished masterpiece!

Design team 2021

Cooking gallery 2021