If our walls could talk…

Astwood Bank Primary has a rich history going back to the year 1877 when the the school was first built. Our first headteacher was Mr William Rees John, whose picture sits proudly on the wall of of our school library.

Our school has changed dramatically since the Victorian era, and despite growing into a school with over 400 children, we still remain a village school with a strong sense of community.

We are proud of what our school has become, and all children are encouraged to take an interest in, and celebrate our Victorian roots. On the walls of our library, we display photographs, paintings and artefacts, which tell the story of our school. Children pass this display on a daily basis, and we enjoy every opportunity to showcase our history to visitors.

We continue to explore the history of our school and we always value the knowledge that local people share with us, as well as any photos they might uncover when tidying the attic!