Our wonderful school orchestra includes children who have instrumental lessons in school and also some who have private lessons.  In addition there are handbell, glockenspiel and percussion players as required.

Our Summer Concert 2024 was a spectacular success and I know you’ll be enormously proud of your children.  Many thanks for the support you give them and for being such an enthusiastic audience.  The videos are currently being processed and will appear here shortly.  

Please note, we don’t always include all of our instrumental players for every concert.  This is for a numbers of reasons; we are limited by hall capacity and running time but also want to make sure children have developed enough confidence to perform.  There’s nothing worse than putting a child in a concert situation before they’re ready – and this can be very damaging.  Rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunities just around the corner!

Joining the orchestra – statement

Upon joining orchestra, we ask for a specific media consent.  We take online safety very seriously; no child will be named in our videos and links will be posted on the orchestra page.  As a school we can’t guarantee how this material will be used once it is in the public domain.  If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please do ask.

From May 2022, when joining orchestra, you are agreeing to the following statement: My child would like to join the school orchestra and I am happy for video footage and photographs to be taken at concerts and events.  I am also happy for photos and video featuring my child to appear online, such as on YouTube, and also in local newspapers.  I will inform school if this situation changes.

If your child wants to join, but you are unable to give this media consent for whatever reason, please do come and talk to me and we may be able to make a separate provision.  Remember the first port of call for information is here on the website.

Mr George

Past highlights from our choir