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  Welcome to Year 4!

Lockdown contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Check out the amazing Tiger pictures below - if there are any more do send them in ASAP

 School is now closed for most pupils. See latest newsletter for details of who school will remain open for.   This page now has details of our HOME LEARNING work.  Make sure My Maths is up to date and get on TT Rockstars as much as possible.  Do lots of reading. 

Play board games and cards - these are rich in skills!  We've sent home the Viking game of Hnefatfal - instructions below.  Help with laundry, cooking and household chores - and get out and do some work in the garden.  Take time to spot birds in the garden and see if you get any regular visitors - you might even put some food out for them!

Do jigsaws, build a fort and camp out under the table.  Watch films together, paint, draw, sing, learn how to sew on a button!

We recognise that people will have different access to technology and different amount of adult support.  Do what you can, when you can and try not to worry!

Remember this is a stressful time for everyone so be patient and kind.  The most important thing is to enjoy your time together.  Nobody will learn anything if everyone is stressed!

Specific weekly activities are BELOW - do as much as you can manage.

We have a school subscription to Espresso which has loads of great resources:

Username: student31672  Password: astwood 

When visiting our website, click "Login" from the top-right of the page and select Espresso to enter the above credentials.


My Maths - remember it's a good idea to to the "practice" task first before attempting the homework.  The first level login is "astwood" and password "cosine242"  Then use your own username which is 3 numbers and a password of 3 letters.  If you don't have this please ask! 

Ongoing times tables work should also be done on TT Rockstars Remember to practise in the 'garage' game but try to improve your RockStar Status in the 'studio' game.  The system is designed to be intuitive and will respond to your child's speed and accuracy to give a personalised experience.  Use the same username and password details as on my maths.

Home Learning Weeks 3&4 (Easter) - Although we'd not usually want you to do too much work over Easter, we realise that if you're stuck at home it might be nice to do a few creative projects and fun Easter activities.  Also remember all the fun things we suggested at the top of this page.

Remember to check out the teacher stories page - new stories are added most days!

Fun Easter activities, including some French, are below.  Activities will be for BOTH weeks so there's no rush!

egg boxThe creative challenge for Easter is to make something imaginative out of an egg box. The best ones will not only look good but also have an interesting use or function. There are no creative limits nor any specific rules, just think of a fun idea and then make it look amazing! If you’re not an egg family then use any substitute as we’d like to be a vegan-friendly too! Send a photo of your finished model and do let us know what the idea is. If we get enough, we’ll make a YouTube video so please only send photos we have permission to use. It would be lovely to see your smiling faces with your model but you can just send photos of the models if you like.

Send these to us before Sunday 19th April. These videos are a lovely way for us to stay in touch with each other and to cheer each other up at this challenging time!


Home Learning Week 2 - 30th March:

Check out the new Teacher Stories page on the website (it's on the Home page under the 'children' tab but the red words are a hyperlink too.)

1) Go to Pobble and choose either Salvation or Taking ShelterAnswer all the questions and follow the instructions.

2) Have a go at the comprehension work below and do the challenge on Viking Myths if you're feeling confident!

3) Read another book and write a book review - try one of the other types below

4) Maths fluent in five - week 2 is below

5) My Maths homework is 7x table, remember to do lots of TT Rockstars too.  See links above

6)  The main maths is week 1 of WHITE ROSE maths (hyperlink)

7) French - see week 2 work below. (2 sheets)

8) Art - Have a look on the internet for facts for kids about Henri Rousseau – maybe use “kiddle” as a safe search engine. What country did he come from? When was he born? What instrument did he play? Have a look at his most famous painting HERE and use the ‘zoom’ to look at all the detail. Which is your favourite part? Imagine you’d looked out of your window this morning, into your garden or maybe to a nearby park, and imagine you’d seen a tiger yourself. What might he be doing? How might he be hidden in the bushes or trees? Do a drawing of what you might see – use whatever media you have at home. If you can take a picture of your work send it in for us to look at – we’d love to see them! Use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  SEE BELOW...

9) Don't forget to burn off some energy with some PE - see last week's ideas!


Home Learning Week 1 - 23rd March:

Click on the red words for a Message from Mrs Smart and Mr George

In addition to the ideas at the top of the page, this weeks' work is the following:

1) Go to Pobble and choose either The Wise Owl or Unwanted Visitors.  Answer all the questions and follow the instructions.

After you have clicked on one of the links above you will be shown a picture, you will then need to scroll down to see all the questions and challenges linked to this picture.

2)  Choose a new book and read it.  You might have one of your own at home or one of these news ones.  Read some by yourself and try and share a bit with someone else.  Write a short review when you've finished.  An example book review template is below.

3) English "homework" task is below

4) Maths Fluent Five work is below.

5) The next set of slides for Multiplication and Division is below and we've put some more challenging work on problem solving.

6) Remember TT Rockstars and My Maths - see above.

7)French: Revise the weather expressions by watching the following clip and then complete the worksheet below 'Weather drawing'.

There are also some extra French ideas on the document below called 'Home Learning Fench ideas'

Remember, have fun - enjoy each other's company and make happy memories - not stressful ones! 

PE - If you need a little inspiration of how to use up some energy Joe Wicks is doing an online PE lesson at 9.00 every morning Monday to Friday live on his YouTube account - The Body Coach TV.

Also The Sports Partnership Hereford and Worcester has created a list of links for everyone to get active around the home, without specialist gym equipment - stairs, chairs and household objects could be used to create indoor circuit classes at home.

Please follow this link Activeathome 

We have added a two documents below that also have ideas for being active, Dr Seuss's Alphabet Fitness Bingo and Physical Activities at home.

There is also a 'Rainbow Treasure Hunt' being promoted on the internet, you draw, paint or create a rainbow then stick it in your window. As children walk around your area they count how many rainbows they find! Why not join in!


Tiger Gallery:



the "usual" website stuff is down here - didn't want to delete it and then have to re-type when we come back!

  • 4S: Mrs Smart
  • 4G: Mr George (Monday to Thursday) and Ms Miles (Fridays)
  • Year 4 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Holmes

For more information regarding our topics, please click on our Year 4 Curriculum Page

PE is often outside so feel free to supplement the PE kit with jogging bottoms and a fleecy top etc.  Any old stuff will do - It's more important that your child is warm than that they have all the correct "school" kit.

English/topic homework:

The next spelling test will follow once school re-opens but do check the lists in the your home/school reading records.

Our Automata were extremely successful - see our models!

We had fun learning about seed dispersal - see our bunny-copters!


Book Club will resume later in the year - fingers crossed