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 Welcome to Year 4!

4S Mrs Smart and Mrs Holmes

4G Mr George, Miss Miller, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Hale

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  • The tie-dye t-shirts look amazing - well done!  The setting of the dye needs to be finished by washing on its own at 30 degrees and then ironing.  If you have an old white t-shirt or tired old tea towel you could wash with it they might pick up a bit of the colour!
  • Please return ALL school reading books by Friday 16th July so we can sort and tidy them before the holiday.
  • PE is 4G - Monday & Thursday.  4S - Thursday & Friday.
  • Boating photos are below.

Boating Gallery!


Rapid Reading.  Look at this GUIDE first.  You'll be sent an individual username.  The password will be Astwood1 and the school code is astw.  We will allocate books to your account as soon as we can.  Once you've completed a book we'll get feedback and will be able to allocate another.  We will also be able to assess if you're on the right level.  If, after a couple of weeks this appears wrong, please let us know.  There has been a suggestion that Rapid works less well on ipads but this isn't entirely clear.  For those interested in the assessment process; every book a child reads, and completes the tasks, generates 'traffic light' style feedback in the different reading areas and also tells us how many prompts the child needed.  Children regularly scoring all 'greens' may be ready for a new level; those with a handful of 'ambers' and a few prompts are about right;  those with lots of 'reds' and multiple prompts may need a slightly easier book for now.  We will monitor this regularly and adjust the books to suit.  Just so you know!  

TT Rockstars.  If you're new here, look at THIS.  The first time you log on you'll need to choose a rockstar name and do a baseline test.  If you're already an expert, check out these TOP TIPS.  Do this every week - Every day if you can! Remember to practise in the 'garage' game but try to improve your RockStar Status in the 'studio' game.  The system is designed to be intuitive and will respond to your child's speed and accuracy to give a personalised experience.  Ask your teacher if you don't know your login details, but these should be in the front of your child's reading record book.  We have a Rockstar display in each class so we can celebrate progress through the levels.  Don't miss out on this!  Year 4 is the year in which we really try to get all times tables up to 12x12 rock solid. 

My Maths -The children's password details should be the same as last year and these should also be the same as for TTRS.  Remember it's a good idea to do the "practice" task first before attempting the homework.  The first level login is "astwood" and password "cosine242"  Then use your own username which is 3 numbers and a password of 3 letters.  If you don't have this please ask!
Purple Mash.  We will use this lots over the year so it's important that your child can access their account.  It is an excellent resource and was primarily introduced to deliver our ICT curriculum.  We will mainly use it in school but will set the occasional homework task which will be found in your child's "to do" folder.  We won't overload them at this stage.  Make sure you've created your avatar - Click on the "character" in the top right and set the design you like.  Simple.  Any work to to will be in a little "alert" which you just click on.  There are lots of other games to explore so feel free to play these if you'd like.  Let us know your favourites!  The logon details are in the front of the orange homework book. 
Spellings have now been set.  See letter below for our plan and explanation of this new system.  Children will be in one of three groups; Oak, Ash or Elm and there will be sticker in the front of their orange homework book reminding them which one they are in.  Please learn the relevant words and these will be tested the following Tuesday. 
There have been a few requests for some extra maths challenges.  We've included some problem solving & reasoning activities linked to the topics we've covered.  These are extra but you're welcome to dip in if you like.
For more information regarding our topics, please click on our  Year 4 Curriculum Page


Extra information:

PE kits are still to be worn to school on the appropriate days:  4G Wednesday and Thursday, 4S Thursday and Friday.

Please can we remind you to send in a letter if your child is going to be picked up by anyone other than their mother or father. If it is a regular arrangement, a letter stating that will suffice for the year.

Homework Statement: 

Just to clarify the situation regarding homework. We've looked into this, after a parental enquiry, to make sure there is consistency across the school and that we are operating within our school policy. In year 4 we aim to set 90 minutes per week which doesn't include reading. We recognise that sometimes the English/topic task could take a lot longer, if people really want to engage with it, but the basic requirement can almost always be done in 30 minutes. The other tasks are often games or online activities which the children should ideally be able to complete independently. We recognise that they often spend a lot of time online, gaming and watching videos and we hope to steer some of this time towards educational sites.

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