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Welcome to Year 3

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Choir have a look at the YV video on the choir page!

 Year 3 Home Learning

This section of our class page is dedicated to Home Learning now that the school is closed, we shall be posting a weekly bank of learning activities. We will upload reading, writing and maths materials onto this page. Additionally, we have provided links to familiar websites that will support Home Learning.

It is important to note that we have been realistic in terms of what we are expecting from the children during their time out of the classroom. Most of the content provided will be in line with our current curriculum planning, thus enabling a certain degree of continuity away from the classroom. We are mindful of the varied circumstances at present, so we have worked hard to balance what can be achieved at home without specific equipment and teaching expertise.

 We recognise that people will have different access to technology and different amount of adult support, so have a go with what you can do, when you can and try not to worry! Remember this is a stressful time for everyone so be patient and kind; look after one another!

 Enjoy each others company, bake, sew, paint, create role plays, junk model, play board games, card games, help with the cleaning, do jigsaws and watch films together!

This week's recommended learning (30th March - 3rd April)

Please use this email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact us.

Feel free to ask any questions and share the wonderful things you are doing at home.

Message from your teachers: We hope you have had another week full of lots of fun activities! We are still missing you lots and are looking forward to hearing what you are getting up to. We hope you have a lovely Easter, stay safe and have fun (don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!).

Year 3 Easter Activities

Here are a few ideas of the activities you can do over Easter:

Learn the Easter story. The UK’s official religion is Christianity and Easter is a huge celebration in the Christian calendar. Watch the Easter story here (Username: student31672  Password: astwood) then create your own book using the print out in the ‘Easter Activities Week 3 and 4’ folder.

Spring poetry – Find a wonderful Spring poem. Practise performing this out loud (this is a very important skill) and you could record yourself and send it to a family member to cheer them up! After that, write the poem neatly in the middle of a clean page (or type it) then illustrate the border around the poem. We would love to put some of these on our website so please email a photograph of your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Easter bonnet competition – Take part in Astwood Bank’s Easter Bonnet competition. Make an Easter bonnet then take a photograph and email to The Astwood Bank Community Group Committee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The closing date is Easter Sunday and the Winners will be announced on their facebook page on Easter Monday. If you would like your photgraph to be put on the year 3 page then please email the photograph of you and your Easter bonnet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maths fun - White Rose have fun Easter maths activities for you to try everyday - Click here

Garden Map- Draw a garden from a birds eye view like a map. Include lots of things such as trees, bushes, sand pit, shed, pond and other things that might be good hiding places. Hide 5-10 eggs in your garden. Don't draw them on your map, write them down on another piece of paper. Write a set of clues to help someone find the eggs.

Garden birds– Observe the birds outside. Record the birds you see on a graph like the one in the ‘Easter Activities Week 3 and 4’ folder. There is a handy spotter’s guide in the folder too.

Eggs- Something to do with the family! Ask an adult to hard boil some eggs for about 10 minutes, you will need one each. Once the eggs have cooled you each need to decorate your egg with a face, you could use paints or felt tips. Don't forget the hair! Make sure you've named your egg. Now for the fun part! Find a safe place outside or inside, it is best to be on a slope. It could be over grass, pavement of a cardboard slide. Mark out the start and finsih lines. First one to reach the finsih line and still be intact or with the most shell on wins! Enjoy! 

Create an obstacle course in your garden or house. You could place tasks around the course such as ‘Do 5 star jumps’.

Easter craftLook in the ‘Easter Activities Week 3 and 4’ folder below and download lots of Easter craft ideas. There is even an Easter maths activity book!

French- Madame Stevens has attached some Easter French activities for you to try at home. See the documents below.



Year 3

Welcome to our Year 3 page!

We are looking forward to another successful year!

In Year 3 there are 2 classes.

3S: Mrs Smith with Mrs Taylor

3W: Miss Whitehead with Mrs Russell and Mrs Hale