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Welcome to our Year 2 page

Year 2 Home Learning


Week Beginning 6th April 2020

Hi everyone, we hope that you are all staying safe and well! As it is now the Easter holidays, we will upload Easter activities and will resume work after the Easter break. The activities range from arts and crafts to stories and word searches.

We have allocated another four books for the children on Rapid Reader so feel free to access these for enjoyment over the holidays! Do pop to the children’s section of this website, where you will see some familiar faces reading their favourite stories! We also encourage you to use this time to read books from home as this is a great opportunity to develop a love of reading which may inspire projects and story writing!

Happy Easter 😊


Week Beginning 30th March 2019

Hi there, we hope that you have been finding the materials we are making available useful and that you and the children have been able to access them without any difficulties. We are aware that homelife is very different for everybody so we encourage children to do what they can but not to stress if all activities are not completed. We would rather you had plenty of options rather than not enough!

This week we have uploaded the next 5 lessons of fractions from White Rose Maths and the associated worksheets. Additionally, White Rose have made home learning packs available. It might be worth focusing on the topics we have already covered in school which are addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, place value and shape as this would be a great resource for revision. Likewise, for MyMaths, we have unlocked all topics already covered in school so feel free to dip in and out of these too.

For reading we have set another four books from Rapid Reader as we are aware that some children are finishing these very quickly. Please note this is a great opportunity for children to read books from home and please don’t underestimate the educational value of hearing stories read aloud by an adult. Additional to this we have set two reading comprehensions in the drop box below and some materials to support spelling, grammar and sentence construction.

This week we would like the children to complete the Samuel Pepys comprehension and then write a diary entry from the point of view of an eye-witness during the fire. Why not try painting the finished writing with a damp tea-bag when you have finished to make it look old!  

Please direct pupils to the Children tab on the website where they can enjoy watching staff from school reading their favourite stories!


Week Beginning 23rd March 2020 

Thank you for visiting our webpage. To ensure the children have an opportunity to continue their learning as best they can at home, the Year 2 team will be setting a series of weekly activities to access at home. Some of these will involve children logging on to a particular website to carry out activities selected for completion using the login details issued within school. You will also find hyperlinks that will take you to activities that may/may not involve printing. Some of the mathematics will involve children studying topics we have not yet covered in school and may therefore require some guidance from an adult.

Our upcoming topic will be ‘The Home Front’ in which we will be learning about WW2 and in particular, how this effected children as evacuees. Feel free to research this topic and there are heaps of great resources for KS1 on the internet.


Rather than taking books home, children will have access to Rapid Reading for which they have been issued a letter with login information (these have also been stuck into the back of spelling books in case sheets should get lost). Your child can access rapid reading at Each pupil will be issued with two books per week, so please log in regularly to check updates. There are also activities which can be completed as the books are read which check reading comprehension skills. There are now a variety of reading comprehension actvities and printable grammar activites found through the links below. 


Please find links below for  5 consecutive maths lessons. Had we been in school, we would have been beginning our new topic on fractions. There is a powerpoint presentation for each lesson, the children can work through one per day and complete the corresponding worksheet. Children can record on the sheets if you have a printer at home, or alternatively record on paper. There are also Home Learning lesson powerpoint slides uploaded each week that talk you through each question to help support your child and these can be found out

Fun time

Why not try your hand at creating a model of an Elizabethan house that would resemble those in London town during the Great Fire of London. This would be a great opportunity to get out your craft box and get arty! Create a project book- perhaps based on our previous topic, The Great Fire of London.

It is important to note that we have been realistic in terms of what we are expecting from the children during their time out of the classroom. Most of the content provided will be in line with our current curriculum planning, thus enabling a certain degree of continuity away from the classroom. We are mindful of the varied circumstances at present, so we have worked hard to balance what can be achieved at home without specific equipment and teaching expertise.

This week's recommended learning (23-27 March)

Timestables practise via TT Rockstars:

MyMaths activities & games via:

Rapid Reading:

Feel free to create your own login at Here the children will find familiar Oxford Reading Tree resources and lots more.


Maths, English & Theme via: see files below 


Please note that since the weather is very cold it is necessary for the children to have jogging bottoms and a tracksuit top in with their regular PE kit every week since the children will be going outside for some lessons. Ideally we would prefer these to be navy blue (to match school uniform colours) but are happy for children to wear alternative colours in the meantime to allow time for these to be purchased.

ANOTHER QUICK NOTE: Once you recieve your login maths details do not upload your own games or tasks to your child's My Maths. This feature is only intended for teacher use and if you add your own tasks it complicates our assessment system. Therefore, if you would like more practice feel free to visit sites such as and thank you! :)

Our 2019-2020 team:

Mrs Glover (2G) - Mrs Stokes (am/pm)

Miss. Roberts (2R) - Mrs Maddocks (am), Mrs Vickeridge (pm)

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Bonehill and Mrs Wadsley (2P)

Mrs Warrilow (2E)

Please could the children have thier reading books in school everyday - we will be handing these out in the first couple of weeks.

Homework and weekly spellings will be sent out every Wednesday. The homework will need to be handed back into school on Monday and the spelling quiz will take place every Monday.

This half term our topic is 'Fire Fire!'

We were hoping to make our topic even more exciting by inviting visitors into school. If we have any parents/carers who are nurses, dentists, hygienists etc and would happy to come in and talk to the children about hygiene, wellbeing, exercise etc we would very grateful. Likewise if anyone has any leaflets linked with these topics in relation to children's health these would come in very useful too!

Thank you for you continued support especially in  the area of reading where many children are making great progress! Little and often is the key!