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Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 is made up of 1LS with Mrs Stack, Mrs Leyland, Mrs Yates and 1R with Miss Roberts and Mrs Maddocks on Mondays-Thursdays and Mrs Harrison on a Friday. On this page we will try our best to keep you informed of everything going on in Year 1. For more information about our topics and how you can help your child please see our Year One curriculum page.

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Hello everybody, 

The children seem to be liking our new topic Forest and Fairies and seem to be engaged. Homework this week is set on Purple Mash and the 2 activities are related to money which we have been looking at this week. 

For homework last week we sent the friendship hands home, thank you to those who have returned those to us.  Just a reminder that your child will be put with at least one child off their friendship hand. 

We have some upcoming events at Astwood Bank Primary: 

Wednesday 6th July- Year 1 trip to Bodenham Arboretum 

Saturday 9th July- Carnival day in Astwood Bank

Tuesday 12th July- Transition day

Wednesday 13th July- Transition day

Tuesday 19th July- School party day

Wednesday 20th July- Last day of the school year

Forest school is every Thursday afternoon, alternating each week between classes. Please do not send your child into school in their forest school clothes, please send these in a bag as the children will get dressed for forest school at school. Children will need their waterproofs, long sleeve top, trousers and sensible footwear. 

Forest School dates:

Thursday 30th June- 1LS

Thursday 7th July- 1R

Thursday 14th May- 1LS

break up for summer.

If you do have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

The Year 1 team 😊

Star Words  

You should find a star word sheet in your book bag which will come home on Monday.  These will have a range of the common exception and tricky words that your child must learn by sight over the course of the year.  If you can read through these as often as possible it will have a big impact on your child's reading particularly if phonics doesn't come easy to them, as this allows them to recognise a good bank of words on a page with minimal effort! It is designed to see how many words they can read in a minute and the amount should increase over the week building confidence and a feeling of success.  We will check the words in school and as long as with us they read the words within a minute accurately we will swap it for another sheet.  If they are not quite secure we will leave it another week to really consolidate their quick recall. We are aware that some children may already recognise the words on the sheet and that is great! See if they can spell the words, it's surprising how even the simplest of words don't transfer over to their writing until they are much more secure with them.  If they can spell them in isolation the next step will be to see if they can put them in a sentence.  


Phonics/ Reading

In school we deliver phonics every day to help children learn their sounds and to segment and blend words to help them read. We have revisited and recapped all phase 3 sounds in school now and have recently moved onto starting phase 5. Phase 5 is looking at alternative spellings to sounds they have already learnt for example (ai: ay, a_e). 

Phase 5 sounds we have learnt so far: ay, oy, ie, ea, a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e, ou and long vowel sound names (a saying ai, e saying ee, i saying igh, o saying oa and u saying oo) 

Rhino Readers code: 

                                                     reading books w/c 27th June

(Please note: you do not have to read both of the Rhino Readers books. You only need to pick one to read with your child, they will both contain phonics that we have covered. Please choose the book you think is better for your child. The library book that is handed out on a Tuesday is purely just for fun for you to share with your child. You can keep that book longer than a week if you have not finished it. So, your child will have 3 books (2 physical and 1 online) to read and the library book is just for you to read, have fun and enjoy with your child.

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See the pictures below to learn how letter formation is taught and the key language we use to help the children start, finish correctly and sit the letters on the line. We use kinetic letters to help the children with their handwriting. In this scheme there is scared monkey and brave monkey (shown on the first photo below). Brave monkey is used for the tall letters as they are brave enough to reach the tallest branch but scared monkey sits low. The letters are put into a family and when we teach handwriting we look at one family at a time. The families we have looked at have been put below. Each family also has a story that goes with it to try and explain to the children how the letters are formed.