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Welcome to our Reception page. 

We are missing being with you in school and look forward to your return! In the meantime, the lockdown teaching information is provided below as well as contact details for your information.

If you need anything at all, please contact us.  


 Welcome back to our Spring 2 half term. We hope that you have managed to take some rest and are ready for this last push as we aim for a return to school, all being well!

During lockdown, learning will take place online.  There will be no weekly newsletters.  All information will be posted on this page.  Please check for updates regularly. 

The following guidelines are suggested for you.  The schedule below is a recommendation but we understand that this will not always be easy to follow.  Early Years Learning is primarily best through play and social interaction.  Spending time playing and talking together is the most important vehicle for learning at this age. If you would like to know more about learning within the Early Years, please look at our video by clicking on the following link:

Please scroll down for this weeks timetable and any website links

Zoom meetings will now take place twice a week, on Mondays (for both classes) and Wednesdays (for RH), and Thursdays (for RM) in smaller groups of 10 children. This will allow us to have more personal interaction with the children than a large group of up to 30 has allowed.  On Mondays we will introduce the learning for the week.  The office will have emailed you your timeslot and meeting codes. If for any reason you are unable to attend your allotted zoom, please feel free to join us on one of the others as a one off if that suits.

We are trying to make as many activities as possible interactive or practical to avoid the need for printing.  Some of them can be reproduced by hand on paper or a whiteboard.  (Tip:  If you do decide to print the the activities they can be done in black and white).  Most resources can be accessed via the weekly pin code.  Simply click the Twinkl go logo below to open a new page, type in the pin code for the week and you will find a folder of resources for you to use.

twinkl go

Here is the pin code for the week beginning 1st March 2021   -       RZ5196


The phonics resources follow our scheme for Twinkl Phonics and will teach the new sounds that would be taught in school. The PowerPoint should take ten minutes and they will need your support to access this. Alongside this is a parent guidance sheet and a game to play.


For math's we will provide either some online activities, or, the Number-blocks episode that we would be watching together in class as well as a short PowerPoint to encourage the children to talk about what they learn.

There will also be a number of optional interactive activities, work sheets, tasks and e-books that you can use as much or as little as you like. You can also access the Discovery Espresso resources using the login instructions below - but these are entirely optional.


Reading books are available on line from Oxford Owls using your class log in details.  Click the owl to go to the website.

 RH Class Name:  Mrs Handy   Password:  ABPS   RM Class Name: Mrs Morris21  Password ABPS

      Oxford Owls

Additional Resources

There will also be a number of optional interactive activities, worksheet, tasks and e-books that you can use as much or as little as you like.  You can also access the Discovery Espresso account using the login instructions below - but these are entirely optional.  We also have an SEND page on our website with some activities that some of you may find useful, particularly for speech and language ideas.
Additionally, being outdoors and active contributes to learning and well-being. Please try and get outside as much as you can! If this is not possible, then we recommend Cbeebies workouts with Andy and Oti as a good source of exercise for the children.
Our very lovely PE Co-Ordinator Mrs Smart has added sports challenges of 20 minutes exercise for 21 days! If you would like to find out more please head over to the School Community page and click school games where there are lots of fun fitness ideas.

Weekly timetable and resources from 1st March 2021

This week we will begin our new 'Journeys Topic'. We are going to move onto trains with the story of the 'The Runaway Train' and will continue the half term looking at methods of transport and hot and cold countries.  The Runaway Train is a beautiful book that provides lots of opportunity to look at different types of transport, journeys, the seaside, helping people and maps. There is a loom video provided to explain the postcard writing and the map making activity. link to loom featured in timetable below.

Please find ' Runaway Train' story at: 


During the next week you can also use the Home learning Transport Challenges using the Twinkl Pin 


Monday  Group zoom meeting introducing our topic with additional resources available using the Twinkl pin code.  A writing task will be set to make a postcard from Duffy the train driver. Please watch the loom video created by Miss Jones first:
 Tuesday  We are revisiting some of our new sounds ( ai ee igh oa) using the Twinkl pin code 
 Wednesday  RM - Watch Numberblocks Series 2, Episode 2 about 'Seven' and then watch the PowerPoint found on the ncetm website
   RH - Group zoom meeting for a fun game/activity and a review of how the week is going.  Please then watch the loom video again about map making.
 Thursday  RM - Group zoom meeting for a fun game activity and a review of how the week is going. Please watch the loom video again about map making.
RH - Watch Numberblocks Episode 2 about 'Seven' and then use the PowerPoint found on the ncetm website.

Please access the second (revisiting) phonics sounds ( sh th ng)  resources using the Twinkl pin code.

Maths: Accompanying  Number-blocks PowerPoints can be found at

Phonics:  Please use the Twinkl pin code to access the phoneme ( revisiting)  sounds as outlined above.

How to Contact Us

There are several ways that we can remain in contact, and we would encourage you to do so:
  • Your main information point is this website, which we will update on Fridays
  • You can contact us by email . Please use the lockdown address only This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please continue to update EvidenceMe. We will respond and celebrate your child's achievements
  • The two weekly zoom calls are primarily for you child. Please ensure that your user name is your child's name, that you remain in the room during the call, and that you remain muted unless instructed otherwise. Calls will last approximately 15 minutes. It would be useful to have a whiteboard and pen or some paper and a marker pen to join in with any games we might play.
More than ever we need to work in partnership for the children. Please do keep in touch in whichever way you are comfortable.

We know you will be amazing - as will they!

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