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Year 4 Curriculum

  • RESILIENCE means not giving up/persisting; having a positive view of oneself as a learner, managing distractions 
  • RESOURCEFULNESS means using your initiative and a range of strategies; being independent
  • REFLECTION means thinking about your own learning; planning your work; assessing your own work
  • RELATIONSHIPS means you can learn effectively in a group; know when to work in a pair, group or alone 
  • Anglo Saxons

    Anglo Saxons

    We will learn about who the Anglo Saxons were, where they came from and their reasons for invading. We will look at Anglo Saxon stories and writing and also create Anglo Saxon artwork.
  • Y4 Autumn

    Y4 Autumn

    We will be learning about and observing the changes in nature as the season progresses. We will set up class nature tables. You can help: You can point out autumnal changes in your garden and bring in contributions for the class nature table  
  • Y4 RE Hinduism

    Y4 RE Hinduism

    We will learn about the Hindu religion, how the Hindus worship their god(s) and about the culture of the Hindu religion.  You can help: If you know a person who is a Hindu, talk to them about their religion and what it means to them or use the Internet to find out about the Hindu religion.  
  • Y4 Geography - Chembakoli

    Y4 Geography - Chembakoli

    We will study the village of Chembakoli in India and will compare this location to ours, looking at the physical features and the lifestyles of the people who live there.   
  • Y4 Science Electricity

    Y4 Science Electricity

    We will identify different components in a circuit and test a variety of materials for conductivity. You can help: Discussing which appliances in the home use electricity. Which use a motor, a fan or a light energy.  
  • Y4 Christmas

    Y4 Christmas

    We will design and create Christmas cards & decorations. You can help: Collect ideas for cards and Christmas decorating and materials that could be used. Observe the different types of cards & decorations when you are shopping or walking around you local area.
  • Y4 IT

    Y4 IT

    Ongoing throughout term.   We will be using laptops and iPads to support all the curriculum areas. They will be using them for word processing, reasearch, art and design, numeracy, mapping and geography. Will also be learning to do basic programming.
  • Y4 French

    Y4 French

    Onging throughout the term.   We are learning to say, read and write the weather expressions in French. We will be studying the traditional tale 'Le Vent et le Soleil'. (The sun and the Wind) We will be loking at spring traditions in France. (April Fools Day and Easter)