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Year 3 Curriculum Autumn 2018

  • RESILIENCE means not giving up/persisting; having a positive view of oneself as a learner, managing distractions
  • RESOURCEFULNESS means using your initiative and a range of strategies; being independent
  • REFLECTION means thinking about your own learning; planning your work; assessing your own work
  • RECIPROCITY means both giving and taking in a group situation to help you learn effectively
  • Rocks and Soils

    Rocks and Soils

    We will explore how rocks and soils have different properties and how fossils are formed. Our parents will be invited in to engage in a variety of experiments.
  • ICT


    ICT is intergrated into our daily learning. We also learn specific skills such as coding, word processing and making e-books using iPads. 
  • French


    Locate France and other French-speaking countries. Greetings. Numbers 1-10. Personal information: name, age and family. Traditional French playground games and songs. Christmas in France.
  • Islam


    We will be learning about the Islamic faith. What do they believe? Do they have a special book? Do they have special festivals?
  • Claude Monet

    Claude Monet

    The children will learn about Claude Monet, his life and garden and experiment with his impressionist style of art.
  • Europe


    We will be researching facts about European Countries to widen our knowledge and appreciation of the world. We will use maps, learning about capital cities of European Countries and human and physical features.
  • Swimming


    In year 3 we have the important and exciting lesson of learning to swim. Some children will perfect their swimming strokes and others will develop their confidence in the water.
  • Myths and Legends

    Myths and Legends

    We will listen to a variety of myths and legends. We will look at the different sentence openers each author uses and consider the varied length of the sentence they use. We will identify interesting words and consider why the author has included these words. Finally we will innovate a myth to create our own story.