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Year 2 Curriculum

RESILIENCE means not giving up/persisting; having a positive view of oneself as a learner, managing distractions 
RESOURCEFULNESS means using your initiative and a range of strategies; being independent 
REFLECTION means thinking about your own learning; planning your work; assessing your own work 
RELATIONSHIPS means you can learn effectively in a group; know when to work in a pair, group or alone 

  • Religious Education

    Religious Education

    During R.E this term we will be looking at the religion of Judaism. We will focus on the Torah which is the sacred text for Jewish people.  They will explore stories from the Torah which are special to the Jewish people e.g. Abraham, Moses, Jonah and the Whale and Noah.  Later on in the term, the children will explore how and why the synagogue is important for hte Jewish people. 
  • Habitats


    The children will explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive.  They will learn that most living things live in habitats to which they are suited. The children will explore how different habitats provide the basic needs for different kinds of animals and plants.  In addition, the children will describe how animals obtain thier food from plants and other animals.
  • Vehicles


    The children will learn all about different types of vehicles and their purposes. They will explore axles and wheels and explore how to make structures stronger, stiffer and more stable. They will  then design and make their own moving vehicle and finally evaluate their product against a design criteria.
  • Mexico


    The children will use maps and atlases to identify the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We will then explore North America with a focus on Mexico.  The children will use geographical  vocabulary to refer to physical features e.g. cliff, coast, sea mountain and human features such as villages, towns, cities, farms. In addition, the children will learn about what life is like living in a small village
  • Mexican Art

    Mexican Art

    The children will have the opportunity to research Mexican art work.  They will explore and use ways of drawing, painting and sculpture to share thier own ideas, experiences and imagination based on Mexico.