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Year 1 Curriculum

RESILIENCE means not giving up/persisting; having a positive view of oneself as a learner, managing distractions 
RESOURCEFULNESS means using your initiative and a range of strategies; being independent 
REFLECTION means thinking about your own learning; planning your work; assessing your own work 
RELATIONSHIPS means you can learn effectively in a group; know when to work in a pair, group or alone 


  • Y1 Stickman

    Y1 Stickman

    06.01.10 During this topic we will enjoy the story of stickman, we will use the adventures he goes on to look in to a variety of every day materials and describe the physical properties. We will use this text to inspire the children to write Stickman style stories. In Maths we will read, write and say two digit numbers and understand them as some tens some ones. Revise number bonds to 5,6,7,10.  We will solve simple addition and subtraction word problems.
  • Y1 Funny Bones

    Y1 Funny Bones

    10.02.20 We will use the stories of Funny Bones as a stimulus to learn about the parts of body and their functions. Including the skeleton through reading ‘ Funny Bones’ stories. You can help: pick up leaflets at doctor’s surgery, chemist or dentist. We welcome any artefacts that support this topic e.g. x-rays.  We will also look at early classification and naming of animals. In Maths we will work within 50 and develop place value, begin to count in fives,
  • Y1 Katie Morag / Paddington

    Y1 Katie Morag / Paddington

    16.03.10 In this topic we will take the opportunity to investigate key human and physical features such as city, harbour, port, factories, beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean river and valley. We will be comparing key human features of rural and urban locations through the stories of Katie Morag and Paddington. During this topic we will begin to develop map reading skills and knowledge of compass points. 
  • Y1 Pirates

    Y1 Pirates

    30.4.19 During this topic we will begin to develop the children’s awareness of the world’s seven continents and five oceans. We use stories and drama to spark imagination about pirates and to help with this we have ‘Pirate Day!’ were children and teachers dress up and spend the day as pirates.