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 Friday 25th January Y6 Sportshall Athletics at Arrow Vale

A report of this event will follow, however I am proud to say that everyone put all their energy into each event and we achieved 6th place. Well done everyone! 


Friday 17th November Y5/6 Football at Meadow Green Primary

The re-match was a tense one! This time Meadow Green wanted to beat us but we all pulled together and gave them a match to remember! The first goal was scored by Billy with a cheeky header putting ABPS in the lead, our second goal was lucky! It was set up by Amie-Bea who passed it to James W who passed it to someone else but instead it hit the cross bar and bounced into the goal! The third goal was scored by Meadow Green, things were heating up! There was a lot of good passing and goal keeping by Josh. Our defence were on fire with great team work from James R and SImba, the next goal was scored by Oscar, we were now leading 3-1. After some more tense field work with Will booting the ball down the field and Harry dashing up and down the wing with the ball Meadow Green scored a second goal with only 10 minutes of the game left. At the last minute Harry positioned himself perfectly to kick in the final goal of the game. Astwood Bank Primary WON 4-2.

Friday 19th October Y5/6 Football

We are very proud to say that the team played brilliantly and won 2-0 on penalties.

Thank you to everyone who came to support the team at our first home game.

 Astwood Bank Primary School hosted their first home game against Meadow Green Primary School. The game was very tense and neither side scored in the first half, although it was Astwood Bank who had more opportunities to score but every one was saved by Meadow Green's brilliant goal keeper (he was very tall!) 

As the second half rolled on neither side could find dominance and the game went into penalties. Astwood Bank took the first penalty which was scored confidently by James Roberts. The next penalty was saved by Astwood Bank's Joshua Dearden. The next penalty was put away by Amie-Bea and all the Astwood Bank goalkeeper had to do was save it and save it he did!

                                                Report by Billy Case and Joshua Dearden.

                                      Photography by Alexie Alborghetti-Smith 

Return match on 16th November at Meadow Green, details to follow.



Friday 12th October Y4 Multiskills Festival

Thirty children went to a multi skills festival and had lots of fun.We did lots of different activities learning skills for games like hockey, tennis, football, basketball, obstacle courses and relays, One of the activities needed us to jump over a bench then do step ups on another bench or throw a ball at one of the helpers. At the very start we played stuck in the mud to warm up, star jumps and stretches. We would definitely reccommend this festival for more Year 4 children.

                                             Report by Isabel Jones and George Case


Friday 5th October Y5 and Y6 Festival

At the festival we experienced three different games. First we did boccia which is a sport where you throw a ball to get it nearest to a white ball, similar to boules but we had to sit on a chair! Next we did archery which was extremely fun but it was a bit tricky. We had to wear padding around our arm to protect it from the string. Finally we did kurling, we had to push a round heavy disk on wheels using a handle and get it on a target board on the floor, it was hard to get the strength right and sometimes somebody pushed you off the target. The matches were all friendly and we had lots of fun!

                                               Report by Isla Clarke and Riley Waldron.